COVID-19 Update

In an effort to continue providing services while reducing the threat of the COVID-19 virus, Ox Bottom Animal Hospital is happy to offer curbside pet pick up services from your car to our office, or the option to wait in your car instead of our waiting room. At risk clients who wish to take advantage of our curbside service can schedule their appointments, arrive, give us a call, and then wait for one of our friendly staff to come to your vehicle to get your pet. Our doctors and staff will communicate with you by phone.

Clients may also choose to wait in their car instead of our waiting room. Schedule your appointment, let the staff know when you arrive, and we will come out to get you when it is your pet’s turn. You may check in at the front desk, or call from the parking lot. 850-329-7340.

Welcome to Ox Bottom Animal Hospital

Ox Bottom Animal Hospital is a locally owned, full service companion animal hospital that provides quality veterinary service to Tallahassee, Florida and the surrounding areas. Our friendly staff and experienced doctors specialize in preventative care, dental surgery, soft tissue surgery, internal medicine, dermatology, and behavior issues.

It is our goal to provide the highest quality most up-to-date care for your companion friends so that they can live a carefree, pain free, problem free life.

In addition to treating your pet with the best medical practices that veterinary medicine has to offer, it is of great importance to us that your pets experience the least amount of stress possible when they come to Ox Bottom Animal Hospital. We consider this aspect of veterinary medicine to be so important that we have taken extra steps to become Fear Free Certified, Feline Friendly Certified, and American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accredited.

Come see us at Ox Bottom Animal Hospital today where we will treat you as part of our family and provide the best pet care available with the least amount of stress for you and your pet.

Fear Free Certified

At Ox Bottom Animal Hospital, the emotional health of your pet is just as important to us as physical health. For this reason, our veterinarians and staff have completed training and worked together as a team to achieve Fear Free Certification. It is our objective to reduce your pet’s fear, anxiety, and stress when visiting our practice.

Cat Friendly Practice

Feline Friendly Certification ensures that cat owners and their cats will experience a calming environment with minimal stress. Our veterinary staff is trained to approach and handle cats in a gentle, empathetic, and caring manner. Rest assured that your cat will be given exceptional care and attention through all phases of the visit including examinations, procedures, and/or hospitalization.